Fishing Tips from Bait to Tackle

Good fishing tips make all the difference and down here in the south, folks have their own unique way of doing things including fishing.  Here along the southern coastal states many bodies of water are considered brackish.  Brackish waters are estuaries and are higher in salinity than fresh water, simply a mixture of fresh and salt water.  Because of this mixture large mouth bass, catfish, red fish, black drum and croakers can all be hauled in while setting in one spot.  The fish are varied as well as numerous and so are the fishing techniques used to haul them in.

Fishing can be exciting for all and with the numerous water way throughout the south, a day of fishing is within everyone reach.  But as one plans for a day of fishing questions may arise.  There may be questions about how best to use a particular kind of fishing tackle, what gear is needed, how to catch bait, keep the bait alive, or even how to fish live bait.  So if you are looking for helpful, useful, time tested fishing tips that's exactly what we strive to provide.  By putting together this myriad of fishing ideas and techniques which are used around coastal areas, we hope to encourage everyone to go fishing.  Thus we created this site to help others who are seeking to know:

-Tips on using a variety of tackle.

-Which hooks are best for what.

-How to tie-up rigs and leaders.

-Techniques on catching and using live bait.

-Tips on fishing boats improvements and safety.

-How to "opinions" from anglers.

-And lots of other hook, line and sinker tips.

If you are the type of person who likes to do things yourself then you will enjoy this site.  You will find discussions on selecting a cast net, how to use swivel, catching blue crabs to use as bait, and lots more.  Our goal here is to provide good solid tips that you can use.  So enjoy looking around the site and have fun, plus we encourage you to teach a kid to fish.

Live bait it's a natural
Tips on using live bait to catch large mouth bass, redfish, catfish, and more. Here's how to catch bait and keep it alive.
Fishing Tackle Tips for fishing southern coastal waters.
Use these fishing tackle tips to get you fishing today in the southern brackish esturies which are some of the best in the world.
Tips for improving fishing boats.
Fishing boats are often modified or customized to satisfy a fisherman's needs.
Fishing season is often set by the instinctive behavior of the fish.
The influences of Mother Nature establishes the fishing season for many specific species of fish.
Why a fishing dictionary page?
A Fishing Dictionary because many terms in fishing are by tradition regionalized, passed on from one generation to the next
Artificial lures are fun to use and easy to learn but how is an angler to choose?
An understanding of how artificial lures work will help an angler choose the best ones for their fishing style.
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