Your E-business

An E-business owned by you, built by you, and totally controlled by you. Possible? Absolutely with SBI!, here's our story. A while back, my wife and I noticed that we spent a great deal of time on our home computers. When a thought came to us,"Wouldn't it be nice if we could turn some of that computer time into a work at home profitable e-business." But how, doing what, and where to begin? Lots and lots of questions arose. So, we started by searching the web, reading e-zine, and visiting blogs. There, we thought, was our answer, (mostly influenced by me) we settled on creating a website. But once again more questions came up. "Hosting, what's that?" HTML? We knew nothing about building a website.

You can not sit through one afternoon of TV without seeing several commercial about "Have your own website" or "We'll build you a website for free". Really? What aren't they telling us? It takes more than having a website or blog to make an idea into a successful e-business. It takes the tools, the support knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and most importantly a proven, teachable process. That's SBI! Quite by accident we came across a video ad similar to this one.

With SBI! all our question where answered. Questions like; Where do we begin? How do we choose a theme right for us? How do people find our site? How do we make our site grow? What should we do next? And how will the website make money? We discovered that SBI! is the only all-in-one, step by step system process with advanced software that helps YOU delivers a thriving online business without any hiden cost.

Of course, the driving force behind any e-business is traffic. Many folks and small business owners build a site or blog before thinking about how they are going to drive traffic to it. The SBI!'s process is so logical that it just makes sense. Content->Traffic->PREsell->Monetize. Take a look at what C >T >P >M process means for your e-business

Dare to Compare

But how does SBI! compare to many of the more widely known Web hosts? Web hosting companies boasts about having top-of-the-line servers with tons of space, or "building a site for you" (where's the fun in that). It does not matter that you have a website from a hosting company that offers 10,000 gigabytes of bandwidth if the site doesn't receive any traffic. Any host can provide the space and tools, but not many follow through with the necessary coaching their customers need.

SBI! not only offers all the features you need to succeed (and then some), but it also teaches you how to use these tools so you build a successful, thriving business that will reward you for life. View this compare and constrast, it illustrates that building a successful website or blog is less about bandwidth and gigabytes and much more about about C >T >P >M.

Finally, why are SBI! business owners so happy? Because many, like us, started with an idea but had no (emphasis on "no") knowledge on how turn that idea into a profitable e-business. SBI! delivers. Here's what other SBI! business owners have to say. Give SBI! a try, it will be the best work from home decision you will ever make.

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