Artificial Lures

The use of artificial lures to catch fish is almost as old as the hook, line, and sinker. In fact, there is some evidence that suggest the Chinese may have used artificial lures as early as 2000 BC. Although we here at prefer using live or natural bait, there is no denying the popularity and effectiveness of artificial baits.

There are several reasons for the popularity of lures. One may be the ease in which they can be used. Simply tie one on and start casting. Constantly casting and retrieving a live bait can often damage or kill the bait so the advantage here goes to the artificial lure.

Another reason for the artificial lure's popularity relates to the fact that often no re-baiting or bait change is required after a fish has been caught. This could affectively mean covering more fishing waters in less time. And as a matter of preference, some anglers just do not like handling live or natural baits but the main reason many anglers prefer artificial lures is basically they find using a lure more fun.

artificial lures used for bass fishing

Artificial lures and baits come in hundreds of designs, with hundreds of shapes, in hundreds of colors. How is an angler to choose? Often anglers will select lures that look good to them. And if the truth be known, lure manufacture create lures to catch the fisherman's eye as much as the fish itself. Thus, these pages are designed to help you narrow your range of selections by offering helpful tips. So, we have selected a few design types to discuss their functionality and suggest how they may be used. The selections includes:

Old standby's like Artificial Minnows

The Lipless Crankbait

The Spinnerbait which utilizes flashing blades

The Rubber worm

The all-around The Beetle Spin

The versatility of the Snagless Sally

Although there are many other types of artificial lures we hope that a looks at these few designs will help you get the basic understanding of which lures you want to try. Have fun.

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