The Beetle Spin

The Beetle Spin is just fun to use. The beetle spin could be considered the little brother to the spinner bait but the beetle spin is in a league of its own when it comes to catching bream, crappie, bass, and many other species. Smaller than a spinner bait, the beetle spin has a wire frame generally equipped with a Colorado style spinner and a clip on aderdeen hook which has been modified with rounded lead jig head that is covered by a soft plastic grub. The Johnson Beetle Spin ranges in weight from 1/32 oz to 1/4 oz and because of its size, an openface spinning reel is often used to make those perfect casts.

beetle spin

The fishing presentation methods for the beetle spin are one of its greatest aspects. It is virtual impossible to fish the beetle spin incorrectly. The beetle spin can be cast out and immediately retrieved or allowed to sink some before retrieval. It can be vertically jigged up and down which many species of fish find irresistible, or when using an electric trolling motor, it can be slow trolled behind the boat at various depths without getting hung up. Additionally, the beetle spin can be dressed up by tipping the jig hook with a Berkley Gulp or other soft plastic attachments. And if slow trolling, try lip hooking a live small minnow to the jig; this adds all the elements of fishing with fresh bait including scent.

beetle spin rig

Here's a few tips. Try using an ultra light spinning reel such as the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Rod and Spinning Reel Combo with a 1/16 oz white with red or black with yellow body. These are great for large bream especially in the hot summer months. Generally it is best to tie the beetle spin directly to the fishing line, don't use a swivel, and when retrieving the lure, check that it is swimming up right not tumbling. If fishing for crappie, do not be in a hurry to leave an area after catching one. Crappie hold together in schools.

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