Fishing A through K Dictionary

Anadromous fish:  Fish that return from the sea to rivers to spawn.

Anal Fin:  The last bottom fin before the tail.

Angler:  Fisherman (gender neutral)

Artificial Lures  Any style of manmade device with hooks used to catch fish.

Artificial Minnow:  A lure designed to emulate a minnow generally produced from wood or plastic.

Bass:  An aggressive game fish, most often referring to the freshwater fish.  Black Bass, Largemouth Bass, Redeye Bass, Smallmouth Bass.  The Red Drum are sometime referred to as Red Bass.

Bait:  Enticement for a fish to bite the hook.

Baitcaster reel:  A reel that employs a revolving spool for line storage.

Beetle Spin:  Similar to a spinnerbait but smaller. Generally employs a soft plastic body instead of a skirt.

Black Drum:  Drum, Striped Drum.

Blacktail Shiner  Blacktips, Shiner.

Blue Crab:  An edible blue colored crab native to the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Boat Trailer Lights:  The components and wiring necessary to illuminate a trailer for transport

Bobber:  Cork or Float used to suspend a baited hook in the water.

Bobber Stopper:  A gadget fixed to a fishing line used to stop a bobber from going past a predetermined point.  See Sliding Bobber.

Bottom Fishing:  A method of fishing in which the bait is held very near or on the bottom by a sinker.

Bottom Fishing Rig:  A fishing rig designed to keep the bait on or near the bottom.

Brackish:  As in brackish water, higher in salinity then fresh water.  A mixture of salt and fresh waters existing in estuaries.

Braided Line:  A very strong woven line with very little stretch.

Bream:  Members of a large family of fish species, mostly fresh water and collectively referred to a Sunfish or Perch.  Examples include Bluegill, the Redbelly, and Flier.

Capsized:  An over-turned boat.  Boat safety should be a priority for any captain.

Cast Net:  A circular throw net used to catch fish and bait.

Catfish:  The general category of scale-less fish with long cat like whiskers around the mouth.

Caudal Fin:  The tail.

Caudal Peduncle:  The narrow section of the fish’s body just before the caudal fin.

Channel Catfish:  Speckled Cat, River Cat, Forktail.

Circle Hook:  The hook for catch and release. Circle hook image.

Crab:  A crustacean with a shell and pincers.  The two most often used as bait are the Blue Crab and the Fiddler Crab.

Crab Trap:  A device used to catch crabs generally made of metal wire and in a box, Pyramid or hoop shape.

Crawfish:  Crayfish, a freshwater crustacean resembling a lobster.  Craw Daddy, Mud Bug.

Creek:  A waterway or stream generally to small to be called a river.  Jean in Southeast Texas.

Crevalle Jack:  Jack Crevalle, Crevally.

Crickets:  An insect used to catch pan fish.  Usually rigged on a cane pole with a small hook and float.

Croaker:  Atlantic Croaker, Hardhead.

Cork:  Float used to suspend a baited hook in the water.  See bobber.

Cut Bait:  Natural bait such as fish, shrimp, or squid cut into pieces to fit on a hook.

Diadromous fish:  Fish that migrate between saltwater and freshwater.

Dorsal Fin:  Fin or fins on top of fish.

Earthworms:  The original natural bait.  Most often used to catch pan fish.  Wigglers, Red Worms, Night Crawlers.

Ell Grass:  One of many variety of aquatic vegetation.

Estuaries:  Plural for estuary.  The areas where bays, rivers, and slough meet the sea.  Estuaries serve as nurseries for many salt water species.

Ethanol:  A grain alcohol made from corn or other grains added to gasoline.

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Fingerling:  A small fish less than a year old.

Finger Mullet:  Juvenile Mullet generally caught with a cast net and used as bait.

Fish Finder:  An electronic device that produces a sonar signal through a transducer used to location fish and read water depths.  Depth finder.

Fishing  The act of trying to catch fish.

Fishing Pole:  This term can be used to depict any rod with a line and hook attached from home made cane poles to expensive rod and reels.

Fishing Tackle:  Any equipment used to catch fish.

Flathead Catfish:   Apaloosa Cat, Granny Cat, Op.

Float:  A cork used to suspend a baited hook in the water.  See bobber.

Flounder:  Very tasty flatfish found throughout coastal estuaries. Southern Flounder, Gulf Flounder, Summer Flounder, Fluke.

Fork Length:  A method of measuring the length of a fish.

Free Line or Free Lining:  Allowing a hooked live bait to swim away as if free, un-spooling line as it goes, generally without sinkers attached and always without a float.

Fry:  (1) To cook in hot oil as in fish fry.  (2) Baby fish.

Game Fish:  A fish regulated by law because of its sporting popularity with anglers.

Goggle Eye  See Warmout.

Golden Shiner  Very good Bass bait.

Hook:  If you don’t know what this is, stay at home. Mark in coastal Mississippi  Fishing Hook Sizes!

Hybrid Striped Bass:  A cross between the White Bass and Striped Bass.

Juvenile Fish:  A fish that has not reached sexual maturity.


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