Tips for Fishing Boats

The styles of fishing boats vary as widely as the fishing techniques anglers use.  In many cases, even as a new boat is being towed off the sales lot, the new owner has already envisioned the modifications he plans to make.  Others however, may not recognize what things are needed (or wanted) until the fishing begins because fishing styles may change once an angler has a boat.

Many anglers enjoy personalizing their fishing boats.  This may involve adding an electric trolling motor, a global positioning system (GPS), and definitely a fish finder.  What are the options when mounting the fish finder's transducer?  This plus many other questions may arise as anglers evaluate their choices.  Some boats may come pre-wired making the installation of electrical and electronic add-ons more convenient, while other boat may be completely bare.

Making changes or modification are but some of the considerations to reflect upon.  Many boat owners give little thought to the skill necessary to operate a boat .  Boating safety begins with knowing what safety equipment is required.  Keeping that equipment functional and in good repair.  Understanding weather patterns, using tide charts, and knowing what to do in an emergency are all part of ownership.  Ask yourself, how would your crew react if the boat capsized?  Do all onboard know how to use a live jacket and were are the jackets stored when they are not being used?

New or used, aluminum jon boats or high dollar bass boats, anglers will find things on their boats they will want to change or have available.  Say for example, an angler enjoys fishing at night, electrical lighting used to illuminate the boat's interior and desks could be very useful.  Some anglers may have a need to install a battery powered trolling motor, which enables the boat to be moved about silently.  Another popular add-on is the installation of rod holders.  Rod holders may serve as storage racks, preventing damage to the rods during boat towing or as hands free device used while trolling and fishing with multiply rods.

But there are other issues that need to be considered here as well.  Such as what the effects of ethanol in gasoline has on boat motor and the inevitable signs of corrosion on boat components.  Need to know how to change boat trailer lights.   Towing a boat off the sales lot is just the beginning of boat ownership.

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