Fishing Tackle Tips and Rigs

A person looking for fishing tackle tips could search the web all day and end up more confused than when they started.  So let us simplify things. Fishing rigs and the tackle used are generally dependent on the kind of fish you are trying to catch.  Anglers with little knowledge of an area or those with little fishing experience are often seeking a few tips to help them enjoy their fishing day.  We have talked with dozens of anglers, compared notes , chose those that we feel are the most useful and added them here, plus new ones are added all the time.

These tips should get you fishing today for example:

These pages provide tips on openface spinning reels versus baitcaster reels to help you decide which rod and reel combo fits your needs.

Also, we discuss when to use braided line over monofilament line. How to make braided line work without causing backlash.  When to change line on a reel and a tip on how to avoid line twisting when changing monofilament.

There are tips on when to use fishing swivels. The differences between a barrel, ball bearing, and snap swivel.

A discussion on the sizing order and types of fishing hooks that will aid you in making the best selection.  Plus, how to make a sliding bobber rig to fish a live bait deep without effective your casing motion

How to measure the total length of a fish.

From things found in your tackle box, want to know how to tie up a reliable bottom fishing rig?  Or how to make and use a catfish trotline to fish all night.  The tips here were selected to get straight to the point.

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