The Spinnerbait

For many anglers the Spinnerbait would be the choice if ask to choose only one artificial lure to fish with. The Spinnerbait is versatile, and flexible enough to fish in any environment.

In general, for fishing in and around most structures such as tree tops, sunken logs, and docks, the Spinnerbait excels because of its design. This design which has a wire frame, protects the hook from most hang-ups and allows the lure to be bumped against structures imitating a panicked or injured baitfish.

The blades which spin and tumble reflect light while producing a vibration which invites a strike. While the skirt surrounding the weighted head and hook provides ample target for the fish to hit.

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The Spinnerbait can be fished at a slow retrieval which is particularly effective in cooler water or at a faster pace simulating a scampering baitfish near the surface. By allowing the lure to sink before beginning its retrieval, the Spinnerbait can be fished deep. Often times this will lead to the lure being struck as it is falling or as it hits the bottom.

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To fish the Spinnerbait shallow, simply begin retrieving the lure as soon as it touches the water. By varying the rod tip angle, the depth and course of the lure can be varied. This is effective around grass beds, lily pads, and structures that lie just below the surface.

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Of course, like all artificial lures, the Spinnerbait comes in a wide variety of configurations. These configurations vary in the number, shape, size and color of the blades, as well as in the overall skirt design, lure size, and body color.

The egg shaped Colorado blade offers the least wind resistance making it a good choice when casting into a wind. Also it produces good vibration which helps when fishing in dark water or at night.

The mostly pear shaped Indiana blade is often matched with a Willowleaf or Colorado in tandem to help produce additional flash. The most popular colors for any shape of blade is often silver or gold however, blades with metal flake are proving to be effective as well.

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The color of the Spinnerbait skirt varies greatly as well. With chartreuse, yellows with a touch of red, any mostly dark with a mix of color, and of course, black or purple are productive. When using a Spinnerbait be creative and experiment with a variety of skirt colors and blade shapes. Doing so will help you discover which designs are most effective in your area. Finally, one more tip, if the fish are striking at the Spinnerbait and keep missing the lure, add a trailer hook, this should increase your catch percentage.

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